Updated: Nov 23, 2020

For the past couple of years the music scene in the north of England has started to gain a lot of attention. I'm sure most of you reading this are already aware of Manchester based artists like Bugzy Malone, Aitch & Geko. However, there is a new name that you should be aware of.

Manchester's very own SVMI..with his catchy melodic hooks, coupled with the bouncy west coast influenced beats upon listening to SVMI it is clear to see (or hear) why he is next up in the forever growing UK music scene.

SVMI shot by @filmbysimba

Despite starting off as a videographer SVMI's releases like "Fallin' ft Kamali" and one of my favourite tracks of all time "Time Goes By ft Con M1" proved to everyone in 2019 that SVMI's musical talent is to be taken seriously.

2020 has been the year of straight hits and no misses for the Mancunian artist. At the start of the year, SVMI blessed our ears with tracks like 'Bait Lies ft A1 & P1 Caps' & a personal favourite 'Through The Grape Vine'.

Last weekend Svmi invited us to his studio in Salford to do a quick interview where we spoke about his newest single 'Time Out' produced by LiTek.

Chef Dee - 'Let's go from the did you get into video editing?'

SVMI - 'I first started when I was like 12/13 I always used to be playing Call Of Duty games and I would start making little video montages..all the guys I went school with used to always make little videos...As I got older I thought let me start making a career from this and start making money.'

Chef Dee - 'If you can remember who was the first person you had on your channel?'

SVMI - 'Yeah I think it was a guy called Shadez from endz..he's hard still! Thats my guy regardless. Then I started meeting more people through that'

Chef Dee - I feel like right now you're getting a lot of new fans from outside manchester and around the world who probably didn't know that you started off as videographer...When did you first start getting into music?

SVMI - I first got into music at the end of 2018 or something..that was through WhyJay and being around the guys like Con M1 and Yussuf and a load of others. But yeah obviously when you're in studio and someones making a beat you start thinking of bars in your head for jokes.....You'd be a fool to say you've never spat bars in front of your boys because I guarantee 99% of people have. done that and ended up putting a few wavey hooks down.....But yeah I did my first proper tune with WhyJay and Aitch'

Chef Dee - Jheeze I guess having Aitch as a feature on your first ever track ain't too bad haha..I think the first track I heard of yours was Fallin'

SVMI - Yeahhh I produced that you know bro..that was the first-ever tune I produced!

SVMI shot by @cache.files

Chef Dee - Jheeze that's cold! Did you start producing and then start rapping?

SVMI - Really and truly yeah obviously Kamali taught me back in the day how to use fruity loops..Yeah from the age of 13/14 I always producing little things on the side here and there I put a couple 1:30 min beats on soundcloud and shit ahaha thinking I was some sick kid..but yeah back then I was just having fun with it. From then I've learnt more with the times and I've made better music! Times are always so I'm learning new sounds and I'm around better and better people each time so I've just picked up new things as I've gone on'

Chef Dee - You mentioned that you around better people each time which helps you improve musically but who would you say was the first person to give you the push or did you just always know that you'd start rapping?

SVMI - Na I'll be real at the start I didn't really care about this music ting too much you can ask the mandem! But it was WhyJay who first told me I should start rapping and that stuck in my head.. So I thought to myself I'll run with it..but yeah from there I started making music with people like MetroDome and Yussuf. Then WhyJay put me in touch with LiTek...Then from there, LiTek has brought out this whole new sound which has made me find my wave. It made me be comfortable with being me and being able to make my type of music you get me?

SVMI & LiTek shot by @cache.files

Chef Dee - Yeah you and LiTek work very well together! I think a lot of artists underestimate how important it is to have a producer who knows you and your sound.

SVMI - It works so well because he knows what I like, he knows what sound is me and what I like doing and he sees the same vision that is why it works!

Chef Dee - On the topic of producers who would you say are your favourites right now?

SVMI - I'm just gonna go with the ones I've just named so LiTek, Metrodome, Kamali,Yussuf, Sangy , Random Beats & WhyJay

Chef Dee - That's a good selection! LiTek also produced your new single 'Time Out' is out now with the video premiering on GRM talk us through that track.

SVMI - Yeah man I been sleeping on that track for a while..its been my favourite song for a minute but you see these times here I've rinsed my own head with that song..I just wanted to get it out!...I've got a new single I produced which is fucking HIT coming out on the November 17th around them times...with a guy called AY who is from North Manchester! He's hard when this tune drops you'll fuck with it..It's like an afrobeat/afro trap song.

Chef Dee - Last question..Who are your favourite artists right now?

SVMI - I been fucking with M1llionz, Central Cee, Duckworth, Dutchavelli and obviously Potter Payper I could go on for days but they're who I'm fucking with right now...I'm always taking in new music.

Big thanks to SVMI for lending us his time for an interview Make sure to check out his new single ‘Timeout’ you can find links to his socials below:


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